Fees cover all explanations, guiding and assistance you might need during the tour or while planning it. They exclude entrances to museums, monuments or wineries, transportation, meals or the guide lunch (when applicable).

City tours (prices are per tour, not per person!)

Tour Week day Weekend/local bank holiday
4h/tour 140€ 155€
6h/tour 200€ 215€
8h/tour 275€ 290€
1h overtime 35€ 39€


Tour's fee plus an extra of 20 € per 'activity in the streeet' person/tour.

Learn and discover: 15 €/45 mins Skype session, plus tour's fee and the extra of 20 € per 'activity in the streeet' person/tour.

Spanish lessons: It varies on the hours per week and location, range from 18 to 22 €/h.

Cooking workshop: minimum 2 - maximum 8

150€ exclusivity fee, to be divided among the number of participants plus 50 €/person for the workshop.

Sailing activities:

Barcelona sealine: 68 €/person.

A day in the sea: 150 €/person.

Sailing with gennaker: 85 €/person.

Let's go fishing: 440 € the boat.

Insurance: Each boat has a full coverage insurance, insurance for occupants and the company has a liability insurance.

Clildren activities

50 € child/activity (public transport included) plus additional expenses depending on the activity.