If you already grasp some Spanish, make the most out of your visit!

Have a good time practising it while discovering the city! I have an array of 'activities in the street' for the purpose. With them you will mix with locals to find out some information, you will read, follow some intructions, answer questions and... we will be talking in Spanish all the time. Besides, in order to guarantee the best quality of your guided city tour, I will adapt and pace my language to make sure you won't miss any guiding explanations.

If interested, it's very straightforward: let me know your Spanish level and your interests in the city by sending an e-mail to I will get back to you in less than 24h. asking for further information which will enable me to design the best activity to suit your level and your interests.

Learn and Practise

Why not learning some Spanish basics before your trip to Barcelona? Book some 45 mins. skype sessions prior to your trip to learn these very basics and make them grow during your visit to the city. Barcelonians will love it!!

When you finish your trip you will be able to ask for directions, or order in a café, to greet and say good-bye and… much more. Don’t miss the opportunity! Let me know if interested at and I will send you the document with the very basic Spanish which we will practise bia Skype.