Children activities

Fancy going shopping or visiting a museum, but think it might be too boring for your kid(s)? We have a solution for you! We also offer fun activities and tours for children!!

The activities last for approximately 3h and have been created from our hearts as a treat for the smallests of the family (from 4 to 12 years old).

Children will be placed in groups of 4 per instructor. Two instructors per activity can be arranged.

Our main goal is to satisfy your kid's desires, so we are opened to suggestions!!

Workshops and activity of 'discovering the city'

1) Bonbons workshop:

After a discovery activity in Gracia quarter, the group will go to the sweet store where everything is handmade with natural ingredients. There, they will indulge themselves in chocolate: melting it, getting dirty with it, finger-licking and shaping it. All the children will leave with some delicious bonbons made by their own hands!

Additional expenses: Workshop Fee: 15 €/kid
Number of kids: 4 – 8
From Mondays through Saturdays


2) Rumba for kids Workshop:

If your kid likes dancing and has rhythm in her/his veins, this workshop is just for him/her.

We will clap our hands, stamp our feet, play the cajón (a percussion instrument) and we will dance. We will show your child the Catalan Flamenco rhythm... by playing with the music!! At the end of the workshop, and as a reward, they will be given some personalized biscuits. Finally, we will all go for a nice ice-cream or drink.

Additional expenses: Workshop Fee: 25 €/kid + ice-cream or drink (2€ max.)
Number of kids: 4 – 8
From Mondays through Saturdays

3) Cooking Workshop:

Today, I'm preparing my own lunch!

After negotiating the menu with the children (from the instructor's suggestions), we will go to the market and buy what we need. Then, at home we will use our imagination as the main ingredient, we will prepare the lunch and enjoy it.

Yummy!!! Delicious!!!

Additional expenses: 3 - 4€/kid
Number of kids: 2 – 8
From Mondays through Saturdays
Location: The client's apart-hotel or the instructor's house at the center of the city.

4) The Giants of the City and Gothic tour:

Cultural visit with a discovery activity at the heart of the city that will lead us to 'La Casa de los Entremeses' where we will look at all the Giants of the city and learn about their legends. Then we will visit the workshop where these giants were made.

Additional expenses: 2€
Number of kids: 2 – 8
From Tuesdays through Sundays


Museums and monuments

The museums and monuments that we visit are upon the client's choice. We can go to the most well-known museums, such as Picasso Museum, Chocolate Museum, La Pedrera, Sagrada Familia... or the lesser known ones such as the Mamut Museum, Shoe Museum, Motorbikes Musuem, Ideas and Inventions -where the kid can leave his/her idea, CosmoCaixa...

Before the visit we will do a discovery activity of the area.

Additional expenses: Museum or Monument entrance fee.
Number of kids: 2 – 8
From Tuesdays through Sundays

Let's have a snack in the park

Let's discover the parks of Barcelona. Depending on the age of the group and the meeting point, we will choose a park and before and after the snack, provided by the instructor, we will explore it and play some traditional games.

In summer it is also possible to go to one of the parks with a small and shallow swimming-pool just to play with the water and refresh ourselves.

Additional expenses: 3€ for the snack (juice, biscuits or sandwiches, nuts or fruit)
Number of kids: 2 – 8

Barcelona's main children's attractions

If what your kid fancies is to go to one of Barcelona's main children attractions: the Zoo or Tibidabo or Aquarium or..., we will go there!! We are opened to satisfy your kid's desires. However, the budget may vary depending on the choice of the activity: entrance fee and length of time the child is taken out.

For last minute bookings call Maica: T. +34 679 948 677. In high season try to book as soon as possible to ensure availability by sending an e-mail to We will get back to you in less than 24h. Asking for further information which will enable us to design the best tour for you. If interested in a tour-lesson write your interests in Spanish, so we will have an idea of your level.


Private transport will be arranged upon request. However, taxis are a good way to move around the city and rather inexpensive for European standards. Bus or subway (metro) can also be handy.